Professor Brian Owler - Sydney Neurosurgeon

Professor Brian Owler is a highly respected Australian trained and Sydney based neurosurgeon, caring for people with neurosurgical conditions affecting their spine or brain.

Professor Owler provides his patients with a comprehensive neurosurgical service and covers both adult and paediatric conditions. A recognised leader in his field, he has had a busy career including research in the fields of hydrocephalus, brain tumours and deep brain stimulation surgery, both in Australia and leading centres overseas.

A known medical protagonist, Prof Owler is a previous president of both the Federal and NSW Australian Medical Association (AMA) and has been actively involved in public health advocacy. This has included the RTA/NSW AMA Road Safety “Don’t Rush” campaign as well as lobbying to prevent childhood injury from window falls and improving pool safety.

Due to his expertise and experience, Prof Owler was asked to develop the neurosurgery units at both the The SAN and Norwest Private Hospital. He continues providing services to his patients at these centres, as well as the Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Westmead Private Hospital.

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Professor Owler is highly experienced in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of cranial, spinal, and peripheral neurological conditions.

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Cranial conditions managed by Prof Owler include: Brain Tumours (Adult & Paediatric) Meningiomas, Pituitary Tumours, Hydrocephalus, & Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders.

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Spine conditions managed and treated by Prof Owler include: Cervical Disc Protrusion, Cervical Stenosis & Cervical Myelopathy, Lumbar Disc Protrusion, Lumbar Stenosis and Spondylolisthesis.

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Peripheral neurological

Professor Owler also treats carpal tunnel and other types of peripheral nerve entrapment.

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Comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and surgical management for complex neurosurgical conditions affecting adults and children.

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You are in safe hands

Professor Owler is a highly trusted, and respected neurosurgeon with a focus on patient care and improved quality of life.

Sydney Neurosurgeon Patient Consultation with Prof Brian Owler

Professor Owler and his team understand how concerned patients (or parents of patients) can be when faced with conditions that affect their brain or spine. With this in mind, a cornerstone of his practice is ensuring patients have access to appointments as needed and that time is taken by him – and his team – to listen to concerns, answer questions, explain the available treatment options, and discuss expected results.

Professor Owler’s commitment to research, ongoing education and training, means that he offers the most up to date treatment options. Most importantly, Professor Owler’s driving passion is helping patients by providing them with the benefit gained through the knowledge and surgical experience he has accumulated throughout his career.

If you, or a member of your family have been diagnosed with a condition that requires the expertise of an experienced neurosurgeon, please call our team to arrange for a consultation. We will make sure you are cared for along every step of your journey.

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