Referrer Information

Excellence in patient care and improved quality of life

Providing comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and surgical management for complex neurosurgical conditions affecting adults and children, Professor Owler’s career has been dedicated to research and care to ensure the ongoing improvement of patient management and treatments.

His advanced training and time spent with patients and their families, together with his detailed approach and holistic care model ensures each patient is kept informed and fully supported throughout their diagnosis and treatment.

Professor Owler values the importance and benefits that come from shared care patient management with general practice, and he welcomes your call to discuss any difficult or complex patient. If you would like to arrange for a discussion, please advise our admin team who will make arrangements for you to be put in direct contact with Professor Owler.

If you have a patient that requires urgent access, be assured Professor Owler’s team will make every effort to accommodate their needs.

Please call 02 9672 6011.

Professor Owler will ensure that when you refer a patient, you are kept informed and receive all reports in a timely fashion.

Sydney Neurosurgeon Dr Owler